To have one task advancing Capital Homesteading each week that all members participate in. Usually, the task will be posting on a certain Facebook page. Right now, we are calling this the "Weekly Action Point".

Members will voluntarily participate as their schedule permits in additional, immediate tasks such as joining a new discussion on a prime mover's Facebook page. Perhaps we can call this "Own Team Alert" (there is a discussion for coming up with a name).

Each post will be written from your own personal perspective, and must conform to Coalition and CESJ principles. 

Members will have input in what these tasks are.

Each member should have a Facebook and Twitter account.

Planning meetings, conference calls, and posting here are voluntary. The main commitment we need is for participation in the Weekly Action Point.

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Hey, Dave!

Thanks to you and Guy for kicking this off. Good initial guidelines for members of the "OWN Team."

I would also suggest that every member of the OWN Team read (or re-read) the Summary of the Capital Homestead Act and the "Capital Homestead Flyer" (see drop-down menu item above labeled "Documents." It's important that we stay on mission. There are a lot of creative ideas out there, and worthy initiatives, but many I've heard recently have nothing to do with Capital Homesteading, which deals with fundamental system change.

We on the OWN Team should particularly remember:

- The mission of the OWN Team is primarily communications, especially through a coordinated social media campaign aimed at enactment of the Capital Homestead Act (as articulated in the documents mentioned above).

- It's not "Capital Homesteading," or a model of Capital Homesteading, if the financing of the model relies on past savings or outside investors. One thing we're trying to accomplish with the establishment of a Citizens Land Bank in Cleveland, for example, is to seek an executive order allowing the model to be financed through access to the Federal Reserve's discount window. (Not easy, but there's no way to really illustrate Capital Homesteading without having the necessary tax and monetary features.)

- It's not Capital Homesteading if the ownership of the shares in a particular project ends up in the hands of outside investors. Remember: "Investment equals Ownership." We would also like a CH model to demonstrate how capital ownership can be extended beyond (but including) workers, ideally to every man, woman and child in a defined community, city or region, through capital credit channeled through individual Capital Homestead Accounts.

I think that if we as a group can state simply some clear guidelines for participating and working together in this forum, that will help us stay on target.

Good start!

Ok excellent points Dawn and Guy and I discussed the fact that we should add promoting the Fed Rally to our objectives. Very high priority.

Per Guy, we should add the following objectives:

Mention Norm and/or other CESJ staff in posts that candidates might read.


Get influential organizations like the AFL/CIO to join the Coalition


Raise funds by bringing philanthropic foundations and charities into the movement.



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