(Adopted unanimously on May 28, 2014)


The Unite America Party is reaching out to all who are seeking, and are ready to work together for, a positive and peaceful “Second American Revolution” inspired by the founding principles of our nation. This revolution of ideas, we believe, can unite all Americans and, by example, allof humanity, and move us toward a more hopeful and just future. Our mission and agenda are fully consistent with the spirit of the original American Revolution, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights; namely, to create economic liberty,
prosperity and justice for all. Why start a new party? Because all of the existing political parties are addressing the symptoms, not the structural causes, of a cancer within today's economic system that is increasing the feelings of polarization and pessimism in many Americans and other people around the world. Through our Platform and the universal principles of economic and social justice [1] it expresses, we seek to unite all Americans and existing political parties around the cure for that cancer. We realize that some of the terms we use may be interpreted negatively by people coming from differing political philosophies. For this reason, we have carefully defined our terms [2] — developed over the centuries and based on the writings of the great moral, religious and political philosophers [3] — in presenting the logic and applications underlying our platform and program. Ultimately, we believe that our Platform is more important than any party, including our own party. If any well-organized party or candidate wants to adopt our comprehensive Platform, they will have our support.

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