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Rededication and Repurposing of the NING

As we now have a six person directorate focusing on internal and external communications, may I suggest we actively consider restructuring the NING to better serve that purpose.  To that end we need to create several permanent and durable structures within the Capital Homestead Community.

  • An Active Membership Committe
    • one or two folks to pay attention to people on the NING
    • assure regular outreach and engagement activites
  • An ongoing,…

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Our Principal Problem is 'Communication."

I have been told, ever since I first read The Capitalist Manifesto ... that the JTW and Capital Homestead Act are simple.  Absolutely correct.  For those who have dedicated their lives to it YES  ...but not for the rest of the country!  If it is so simple WHY are we having so much trouble making converts?  Why do many of our own folks fail to understand the set of concepts that constitute 'private property.'?  The reason why we have few converts is because we cannot communicate with…


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Maximize Use of This Resource

After an  hour's discussion with Gary, Dave, and Guy ... we decided to learn and apply this resource to see if we cannot build this tool into our principal communications resource.

Rather than rely on emails we can send CESJ activities and have planning discussions here ... We hope that this will then encourage others to link up here as well.  If we can engage new participants like Rand Cotrell ... set up specific strategic initiatives etc, etc ... as Father Feree said, we have to…


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It is time for ... Deeds, Not Words ...

What Can We Do ... NOW

There are two factors driving this post.  First is an overwhelming need for CESJ to get above the  noise, the sturm and drang of political rhetoric and become a serious issue before the polis!  There is no escaping the crushing logic of Binary Economics, or Capital Homesteading, The ESOP and the whole failed theory of Keynsian Economics.  Why then are we unable to move our message forward.  The undaunted courage and tenacity of Dr.…


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