The Declaration of Monetary Justice:

It's time to change the game.


We all know there is something seriously wrong with our economy.  We the 99% are making less and less, getting taxed more and more, and are paying higher and higher prices. The question is, what do we do?


We know there are growing numbers of individuals and families falling into poverty who will eventually depend on other taxpayers to pay for their basic needs such as food, housing, and healthcare.  Our government is going deeper into debt, dragging us and future generations down with it. Why do we keep going in the wrong direction, and what can we do to change course?


We need a system change, a game change.  Why is it only 1% of our population owns most of the capital (income-producing wealth in the form of new technologies, land and rentable space, and corporate shares)?  It's simple: Our system is designed that way.


You want to change the system? Like any game you played as a child, you have to change the rules.  And you start by making sure that everyone has a fair chance to get in the game.


How do we change the rules?  First let's recognize that most of us are stuck in the wage-and-welfare system. We work for someone else, getting by paycheck-to-paycheck. Or if we're not fortunate enough to have a decent job, welfare will keep us alive. Only a few people, on the other hand, are able to participate in the ownership system.


Here's the difference. Wages and welfare keep you dependent for your living on an employer, the government or the charity of others. Ownership brings economic independence - your assets generate income for you, even when you don't have a job.


Before we can change the game, let's acknowledge a simple truth: It's "Own or Be Owned."


Would you be open to a new way of fixing the mess we're in?  "The Declaration of Monetary Justice" is a document that pinpoints what needs to be changed if we want a system that provides equal opportunity for every citizen to gain economic freedom, economic empowerment and economic justice. It's the 21st Century economic counterpart to the Declaration of Independence.


This Declaration addresses something important that all of us deal with every day. It is also something that most people fear, or worship.  Money. The reality is, if people need to consume more, the system needs to produce more. We need money to finance that new production, and people need incomes to purchase what is produced.


Right now there are no assets backing our money supply - no wealth, goods or services that have been or will be produced. Instead, what backs our money, under the present system, is our government's ballooning debt and its ability to tax us, our children, and future generations.


The Declaration states how we should be creating asset-backed money and credit to finance new capital needed to produce goods and services. In this way every man, woman and child can become an owner of these income-producing assets added every year to the economy. It articulates in the language of policy-makers how our most powerful economic institution, the Federal Reserve System, could be reformed to serve all citizens, grow a healthy economy, and enable have-nots to become haves -without making haves into have-nots.


In fact, it's important to know that the Fed already has the power under existing law - the Federal Reserve Act (Section 13, paragraph 2) - to create new money to grow private-sector capital and create new private-sector jobs and ownership opportunities.


That's good, but not good enough. We will also need more comprehensive legislation - the Capital Homestead Act - to enable every citizen to become a capital owner. (See the summary of the Capital Homestead Act.)


We can start with what already exists in the law, and take it to the next step. That's why we want to get legislators at the local, state and national levels to adopt this Declaration. It wouldn't cost a penny. However, this would force the Federal Reserve to exercise its existing powers. It would signal Congress and the President to pass the same tax provisions for every man, woman and child as already provided to private-sector companies and workers through employee stock ownership plans.


What would this mean in terms of fixing our broken system? It would take the ultimate power over money and credit out of Wall Street, the megabanks and the politicians, and would put that power back in the hands of every citizen. It would provide the means, without redistribution or increased taxes, to finance sustainable growth and new job creation. It would provide the money for just, market-based solutions to the debt crisis, home foreclosure crisis, energy crisis, and the growing wealth and income gap that threatens stability, prosperity and peace world-wide.


Take some time to study this document carefully.  If you support this initiative, sign the Declaration of Monetary Justice, and send it back to the Coalition for Capital Homesteading. Get others to sign it. Then urge your political representatives to adopt it.


With the power of the 99% demanding true economic justice for all, we will have the political might to bring about comprehensive reform of the monetary and tax system. We will be able to pass the ultimate game-changer for every citizen - the Capital Homestead Act.


If you don't understand any part of the Declaration of Monetary Justice, call us with your questions.  We can get answers for you.  Once enough people call for these new rules to fix the wealth, power and opportunity gap in this country, we will change the game!


Own or be owned...Every citizen an owner.



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