I have been told, ever since I first read The Capitalist Manifesto ... that the JTW and Capital Homestead Act are simple.  Absolutely correct.  For those who have dedicated their lives to it YES  ...but not for the rest of the country!  If it is so simple WHY are we having so much trouble making converts?  Why do many of our own folks fail to understand the set of concepts that constitute 'private property.'?  The reason why we have few converts is because we cannot communicate with clarity the concepts to the unwashed!

The complex series of concepts that are The Capital Homestead Act are very difficult for the average person to grasp as a whole.  I have been thinking about a unifying issue that we could all use to introduce JTW and begin to build a rational set of dialogs to bring new people on board.  The present approach often ends up with the potential convert having some knee jerk reaction that takes the discussion and makes it an argument.  No one wins an argument if persuasion is your goal.

Let's face it.  What we are doing now is NOT working.  At this rate we will reach the goal of a 100 person Fed Rally in 2020!  Let us take Einstein's aphorism and paraphrase it:

"... you can't keep doing the same thing and expect a different outcome ... that's crazy."

Yes, we are right in our rationale BUT ...being right buys us nothing!  Another quote directly from the great book, Chapman's Small Boat Handling: 

" Here lies the body of Dan O'Day.  He died maintaining his right of way.  He was right, dead right as he sailed along but he's just as dead as if he'd been wrong."

I believe the 'Jobs,' issue is an easily identifiable one that makes the point easiest.  The Death of The Job!  It is a starting point.  A place to gain agreement and lay the foundations for our rationale.   Today we have 120 million people (total) who have no job!  That counts those who have,  'given up." and no longer are actively engaged in looking for work.  The media are full of stories about automation eliminating jobs ...AND it is true!  The logical follow on question then is, what will we do about work (if that is the goal -jobs) as automated computer systems eliminate more and more jobs ... fewer and fewer decent jobs being chased by more, and more people.  We can't all be computer programmers!  In fact, as the computer becomes more and more intelligent, it will eventually write its own code from a series of requests by the users.  In some ways, it is here now!  How will we provide meaningful and productive jobs for people?  Even the most menial jobs will be performed by a robot or automated system of some sort.  Even the janitorial jobs will become obsolete.

We are the only one's who have an answer to that problem!  We alone have a logical program to solve that problem.  The same is true of other problems like the state of our political democracy.  We can make the case that without economic democracy, political democracy is not possible!

Let's continue this dialog....

Also we need an 'apologia' a rationale, a messaging set that we use to bring new converts into the system of volunteers and activists ... we need a system!  Just like a political party.  We need to organize and the MESSAGE is the first step in that process.

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