Bill Still Wins Award at Orlando Film Festival

In another development showing increasing attention on our flawed money system, a major movie company-sponsored film festival has recognized a monetary reformer with a key social awareness award!


Bill's "Still Report" announcement:


Bill Still, who has expressed interest in Capital Homesteading, is perhaps the leading global monetary reform activist. His films have educated millions about the flaws of our fractional-reserve, debt-based money system here in the USA and abroad. 


The Orlando Film Festival, sponsored by Universal Studios, has awarded Bill's most recent documentary, "Jekyll Island the Movie" with the "Fireball Run Social Awareness Award". The award goes to the film that has best raised social awareness of the conditions of the average person, and is named after Universal's reality show/race/campaign for missing children.


The Coalition for Capital Homesteading salutes the Orlando Film Festival for this important recognition of Bill Still's efforts, and invites dialogue/debate with anyone in any venue regarding what solutions will best address the problems with our money system that are outlined in his work. 

As people of the world become educated about our exploitative system, thanks to the work of bold visionaries like Bill Still, we believe the best solution will emerge. It is our hope that anyone who searches for such a solution will consider all of the following requirements:

  • Complete breakup of the effective plutocracy, totally separating government from any influence of concentrated money power
  • Preservation and renewed restoration of individual liberty and property rights
  • Rapid empowerment of all citizens including the poor without redistribution
  • Ending the fractional reserve debt-based boom-and-bust scam
  • Rendering inflation IMPOSSIBLE while providing unlimited growth
  • Phasing out ponzi social security and other entitlements by replacing with a privatized, citizen-empowering plan
  • An established, organized movement already in place behind the solution

We believe Capital Homesteading is the only reform proposal that meets all of these.

Hopefully, more institutions of entertainment and social advancement will join in this trend of shedding light on our flawed monetary and banking system. CONGRATS BILL!

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