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1. Monetary reform that stops the creation of money for any purpose other than productive growth. (Especially: Stop monetizing government debt!)

2. Universal citizen access to capital ownership.

This is the fix for so many of the world's problems. Boom-and-bust, declining purchasing power of the dollar (and all similar currencies), unemployment, too big to fail bailouts, bankruptcies, foreclosures, and a host of other crises are symptoms of creating money for the wrong reasons.…


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Letter to Reporter Lauren Lyster

Hello Ms. Lyster,

I am a fan of your work, especially your financial coverage like the in-depth discussions with author Nomi Prins. It is rare for a well-known financial…


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Letter To Members From Dave Hamill Re: Grantcoin

Hello members of the Coalition for Capital Homesteading,

I am honored to have been named to the advisory board of the Grantcoin Foundation. Grantcoin is a crypto-currency similar to Bitcoin, but different in several ways including the way new units are put into circulation. And that is important, although apparently not many people seem to think so because they have allowed traditional money creation to operate for decades in a way that…


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A New Political Party and other resources

Hello supporters of Capital Homesteading,

We are building a new political party, and you are invited to get involved. There is a grassroots movement coming together in Kentucky and Ohio, and your state can be next. We are having regular conference calls and strategy sessions. Send a message to the admin of this site if you want to participate. The platform can be viewed here:…


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What The American Spring SHOULD Be About

Perhaps you have heard about a movement that calls for our own version of the Arab Spring, inviting masses (i.e. ten million people) to peacefully converge on Washington D.C. this year starting May 16th. The idea, focused on removing law-breaking politicians from office, was started by Army Colonel Harry Riley (Ret) who is an honorable patriot with a career of service that should be highly respected; and the opinions shaped by a lifetime of risking death for country must be…


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A One Word Name For The Just Third Way?

For many years, there has been a discussion about whether there should be a one-word label for The Just Third Way. It may very well be best to not have one. But it is an interesting subject, and we should not ignore it. Perhaps a single word would help with marketing.

Following the principles of creative brainstorming, a list of all proposed one-word names will be posted here. Criticisms of specific words will come quickly; that is the nature of this kind of thing. But it is most…


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Bill Still Wins Award at Orlando Film Festival

In another development showing increasing attention on our flawed money system, a major movie company-sponsored film festival has recognized a monetary reformer with a key social awareness award!


Bill's "Still Report" announcement: http://youtu.be/m-cQ6ZNz-Yo


Bill Still, who has expressed interest in Capital Homesteading, is perhaps the leading global monetary reform activist. His films have educated…


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Pro-”Capital Homesteading” Layman's Response To Mises Criticism

I am a member of the Coalition for Capital Homesteading (a proposal consistent with binary economics), and I have found very little substantive argument against the plan. I was pleased to find a critical article in a Mises Institute newsletter archive, and I have prepared responses here to the points it contains. The article can be found at:…


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Status of Blogs Related to Capital Homesteading

Until we begin to use the blog component of this site more, please check out these existing blogs:

Just Third Way Blog (Michael Greaney, Norm Kurland)

Expand Capital Ownership Now Blog (Guy Stevenson)

Any members who support Capital Homesteading can start a blog here… Continue

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