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Comment by James E Miller on December 14, 2011 at 2:39am


Lesson One:  Watch these video presentations; make notes as you go;  then a week later watch them again, making notes.  Then make two columns for each significant entry in your notes.  The column name on the left is "MONDRAGON" and the one on the right is "REMOTE CAPITAL".  Then list the positive and negative attributes for each major note heading.  Here are the video presentations:

BBC's The Mondragon Experiment:

MCC Corporate promotion:

Mondragon Cooperative Experience:

3 Richmond & Mondragon Cooperative:

1 Evergreen Cooperative – Ted Howard:

2 Evergreen Cooperative Ted Howard:

Evergreen Cooperatives:

Lesson Two: Watch videos about capital raising:

Jenny Kassan on Raising Capital for Cooperatives:

Follow Up to: Jenny Kassan on Raising Capital for Cooperatives:


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