1. Monetary reform that stops the creation of money for any purpose other than productive growth. (Especially: Stop monetizing government debt!)

2. Universal citizen access to capital ownership.

This is the fix for so many of the world's problems. Boom-and-bust, declining purchasing power of the dollar (and all similar currencies), unemployment, too big to fail bailouts, bankruptcies, foreclosures, and a host of other crises are symptoms of creating money for the wrong reasons. Our community has been itemizing these problems and more for years, and offering solutions that everyone except a few at the far ends of the political spectrum can agree on. Here are two places where you can learn from the experts why these are a big deal:

As you may see, there is a "next locial step" to these two much-needed reforms, that empowers all and reduces another debilitating economic problem.. wealth disparity. That next step is citizen ownership of the central bank, with a mechanism to plug each and every human being into the power of productive growth, building long-term wealth with a secure retirement nest egg and dividends that can be spent throughout life. The plan is called Capital Homesteading. Here is an overview:

There is one political party that places emphasis on the two biggies above, plus the Capital Homesteading plan, and also provides the framework for a transparent, pro-growth and just tax system to end deficit spending and address the wealth gap. It is called the "Unite America Party" because it offers a resolution to the conflict between left and right in our country:

Until this party has candidates who either run under its banner or borrow the platform, perhaps one should vote for whoever is perceived to be the most likely to do so in the future.

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