Hello Ms. Lyster,

I am a fan of your work, especially your financial coverage like the in-depth discussions with author Nomi Prins. It is rare for a well-known financial reporter to openly question our money system. Because of your experience delving into this issue and where we are in history right now, I think you are in the perfect position to greatly advance both monetary reform and your own career by leading financial reporting toward a new direction.

The world is waking up to the flaws of frivolous money creation at this moment of being past the reasonable time when post-great recession steps like QE and zero interest were supposed to finally bring normal growth. It is becoming impossible to ignore the voices of economists like Steve Keen who question the sacred formulas that have become our era's "emperor's new clothes". In the last week, many are saying that because September was promised to finally bring rate reversal, but now they "can't" raise, Fed policy has become a sad joke. And of course, the joke's on us, the 99 percent.

It is time for someone to step up and start interviewing post-Keynesian thinkers with actual reform plans. Your previous network RT may continue to host those who generally point out the flaws of our system. But Bloomberg, CNBC, et al. will dismiss that as being the agenda of a network that originates from a pro-socialist country. They may have a point because RT is not talking about specific solutions. It seems that both the mainstream and emerging alternative media assume there are only two ways to operate: Status quo or pure collectivism.

I believe there is a single clear solution that offers a viable alternative that everyone can go along with, but to be objective you could highlight it in a story or debate about multiple proposals. As you can probably tell from the site where this letter resides, the plan our organization promotes is called Capital Homesteading. It is the only reform package I have found that promises unlimited growth with little or no inflation, and can be supported by both progressives and conservatives. I say this because it seriously addresses wealth disparity while reducing the size and scope of government. In fact, it even settles the age-old conflict between personal liberty and collectivism.

The basic idea is to legislatively tweak our system of money and banking so that it empowers all, as opposed to an elite financial class. Instead of loaning money into existence for consumer debt, speculation, and business expansion; it would be restricted to the latter.. productive growth of the economy. Another key element is citizen ownership of their regional central bank; with new credit flowing through individual retirement accounts to build every person's wealth as they gain shares in dividend-paying corporations of their choice. And of course monetizing government debt would end.

We have several experts on the subject who interview well. One is Dr. Norman Kurland, director of the Center for Economic and Social Justice cesj.org. Norm was a federal civil rights lawyer serving in Mississippi in the 60s, and was appointed by Ronald Reagan to the Presidential Task force for Economic Justice. He was also influential in getting employee-ownership laws passed, thanks to a historic meeting between him, Senator Russell Long and the founder of Binary Economics Louis Kelso.

Here is a recent video interview of Norm: https://youtu.be/gHCjQkpmvFA

Audio clips:

President Reagan thanks Dr. Kurland and praises widespread ownership: http://db.tt/DyslmbJY

Dr, Kurland interviewed by Russell Williams: http://db.tt/DNVDbNDF

Call Norm and his staff at (703) 243-5155 or email at thrdway (at) cesj.org.

Another expert available for interviews is banking historian and Just Third Way blogger Michael Greaney, CPA. You can read his vast, entertaining blog at just3rdway.blogspot.com. He is available at the same phone number, or mgreaney (at) cesj.org.

Thank you, and good luck with your move to L.A. and ABC.

Dave Hamill
Co-Coordinator, Coalition for Capital Homesteading
CEO, Esteo Group, Inc.

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